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In order to have a pleasant shopping experience, we recommended that you access our JAL Shopping website with the following internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10.0 or latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox (newest version)
  • Chrome (newest version)
  • Safari (newest version)

Please be aware that the website may not display or function correctly if you use a different browser.


1. Find Products

a. Find from Category

  1. Depending on where the gift recipient lives, you can choose from the “Order to Japan" or “Domestic USA” categories.
  2. In the “Seasonal Special” category, you can determine the shipping country by the subcategory name.

b. Search

If you know what product you are looking for, you can quickly find it by using the search function on the top of the screen. You can also search by the product code listed on the catalog.

2. Choose a Product

a. Product List Page

  1. The picture, name and price of each product is displayed.
  2. View the detail of a product.
    You can view the details of each product by clicking on the picture or the name of the product.

b. Product Detail Page

  1. Add product to the Shopping Cart.
    If you have decided what to purchase, enter the quantity and click “Add to Cart” button to add the product to the Shopping Cart.
  2. Add product to the Wish List.
    1. Click “Add to Wish List” to add a product to the Wish List.
    2. You can view your wish list by clicking the “WISH LIST” on the top of the screen.

Data Sheet

Shipping CountryWe carry products that can be shipped to Japan and USA. Please choose products according to the recipient's address.
Night DeliveryProduct can be shipped in late evening hours (6:00pm - 9:00pm).
Cool PackageProduct will be shipped using the cool package.
Email This Product to a FriendYou can send an email about a product using this function.

3. Shopping Cart

a. View the Contents of the Shopping Cart

Please confirm the product name and quantity.

b. Changing the Quantity

To change the quantity, enter the number and click the “Update Cart” button.

To continue checkout process, click "Checkout Now" button. Click "Continue Shopping..." button to keep shopping.

c. Vouchers

If you have coupon codes, enter the code in “Vouchers” box. Click “Apply this voucher”.

1)If the coupon value is greater than the total amount, click “Proceed to checkout” and fill out shipping information and select delivery options. Then the order process is completed.
Please note that each code is used up and the balance will not be saved in your JAL Shopping Americas account.
2)If the coupon value is smaller than the total amount, click “Proceed to checkout” and fill out shipping information and select delivery options. Then the payment information page appears after you click “Proceed to checkout” button.

4. Registration

If you have not logged-in, the Log-in page will be displayed.
This page will be skipped if you have already logged-in.

a. If you are already a member :

Member Log-in page will be displayed if you have not yet Log-in. Please enter your E-mail address and password to login.

b. If you are not a member :

If you have already Log-in, skip this process.
Please Log-in by creating a new account.
(You must register with us in order to complete the checkout.)

  1. Account & Contact Information
    Please enter the information necessary for login.
  2. Billing Information
    Please enter your billing information.
  3. Shipping Information
    Please enter your shipping information.

* If you are going to send to multiple recipients, you can enter the rest of the addresses later.

5. Shipping Address

Please choose a shipping address for each item in your cart.

a. Ship Item to Existing Address

Please select an address from the address list (Address Book).

b. Add New Address

Click the “Add New Address” to add new address to the Address Book.

6. Shipping Options

a. Night Delivery

You can choose to ship an item during late evening (6:00pm~9:00pm).
(Some items do not have this option.)

b. Delivery Option

  1. You can select the Delivery Option (Month and Beginning, Middle, End of month). Please choose your option by using the drop down menu.
  2. Beginning, middle and end of the month represents 5th, 15th and 25th of the month.
    (Some items do not have this option.)

c. Delivery Date

You can select the delivery date for flower products. Order date should be 7 business days prior to the requested delivery date.

* Please be aware that the products may not be shipped as scheduled due to inventory condition, busy gift seasons, holidays and weekends.


To acquire your JAL USA CARD and JAL Mileage Bank benefit, please provide your membership information. This benefit may change during campaign period.

8. Payment Information

JAL SHOPPING AMERICAS online shopping accepts Credit Card payment only.

  1. Please select the billing address from the address list (Address Book) and enter the credit card information.
  2. If sender address differs from the billing address, please choose the sender address from the address list (Address Book).

9. Order Confirmation and Placing the Order

Please verify the shipping address, billing address, sender address, payment method and items before you click the “Place Order” button.

* It may take some time after you click the button, but please do not click the button twice.

10. Receive the Confirmation E-mail

We will send a confirmation email when the checkout is completed. Please keep this information in a safe place.

1. Please inform us your payment method when ordering.

We can not accept your order if it is not complete.

2. We accept the following payment methods:

A. Personal Check

B. Money Order

Please make checks and money orders payable to "JAL Shopping Americas" and mail it with your order form.

C. Credit Card

Please specify your credit card information such as the card number, expiration date and name of card holder.
We accept the following cards: JAL USA CARD, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, JCB, Diners Card

D. JAL Shopping Americas Gift Certificate

Please mail us the original gift certificate (copies are not accepted) along with your order form before the expiration date.

E. JALUX AMERICAS Gift Certificate

"JALUX AMERICAS GIFT AWARD" (JAL Mileage Bank Award Certificate) is a gift certificate that can be redeemed by JAL Mileage Bank members in the USA in exchange for their mileage. It can be used to purchase products listed in the JAL Shopping Americas Catalog, or on this JAL Shopping Americas website.

For more information, click here

*Gift Certificates can not be combined with other discounts and offers.

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